Onderwerp: Rotterdam marathon hotel booking - help


I was planning to run the Rotterdam marathon and now I can't, due to injury.

I reserved a hotel room that I was convinced I could cancel... and I can't...

Does anyone want to take it over? It cost € 367.84 for two nights (night before and night after) and is very close to the start. As far as I can tell, if you put your credit card details into the booking page, it can be transferred quite easily.

Alternatively... anyone has any ideas of how I can avoid my injury costing me any more than it already is, I'd be grateful. I can't face the idea of going to Rotterdam to enjoy the hotel, without being able to run.



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Re: Rotterdam marathon hotel booking - help

Have you already put in on the event's Facebookpage? I think more people will read it there.

You may try contacting the hotel directly. Maybe for a small fee they will let you cancel, and earn more by re-booking it.


Re: Rotterdam marathon hotel booking - help


Don't use Facebook much - I think that I posted a message :-)

I used the hotel website to send them a message, no response yet.

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